Anna Kajsa

My art is an investigation into want I hope to understand and share. My work is a constant process and attempt at understanding the process of painting. It is an exploration into structure, form and color and the way in which they respond to one another.  I see this process as my job, and light is my employer. When there is no light in my work the work is not done. The light in my work comes from the combination of colors I intuitively use. In a similar way, form and figures (as we see them) get their shape from the light.
Nothing is fixed, nothing has one face only: my investigation has to choose one face, one answer. I often wonder how I am able to realize one. I realize the answer comes down to intuit.
I have spent more of my recent time in the countryside than the city. My relation to people has through my former profession and activities in physical education and this perhaps explains a connection to the figure
And what you are acquainted with you seem to love; you cherish the relation and want to explore it further. Nature and the human body never cease giving me new tasks, striking me with their overwhelming clarity and mysteries.

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