Jennifer Contini Enderby


Raising money for charity through HeartART is my passion! Three years in a row now I have worked with many Non-Profit Organizations curating art shows to fight cancer and homelessness. Now I want to expand the HeartART to all New Yorkers living and working Downtown NYC- a rebuilding and rebirth of our Lower Manhattan through the arts!

Here is my plan! The One Heart Art Project of Lower Manhattan is an art sculpture project “Celebration of Hearts”- if you will, that involves the entire Downtown Manhattan Community. In this project, I am building 10 ft. heart sculptures. I am asking 12 selected groups from Downtown New Yorkers to join in and finish the design of my art. If I win the studio space in Manhattan, I will have each group meet weekly to design and decorate the heart sculpture with paint and mixed media. I am almost finished with the first sculpture called “Time Out New York” where I will be unveiling at the New York City Art Expo 2011 in March!

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