Karen Yasinsky

I use stop-motion animation to focus on the details of characters’ interactions. Through awkward movements and introspective gestures, the characters speak to our anxieties, frustrations and desires. I have always been fascinated by film’s ability to involve the viewer with the characters’ state of mind in a way that allows the viewer to reflect back upon his/her reaction to that which was viewed. This was difficult for me to do in painting. I wanted to work by myself, so stop-motion animation was a medium which fulfilled my conceptual needs and working method. I build the characters and get an idea of their personality through creating the body, clothing and sculpting the little heads. My process is such that the non-linear or suggested narrative evolves in the filming. Since it takes so long for a character to cross the set, 24 still frames per second, I am able to create their motivations for the movement while filming. This allows for sublimation in the process of shooting the films, similar, for me, to the process of painting and drawing. The suggested narrative can come about in a way that would be impossible to sustain if I had to explain it to actors or other people with whom I was working. I don’t have to rationalize the reasons for the characters’ movements. Once they are on film, I cannot change them, but editing allows for a more rigorous construction of the piece.

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