Laura Nova

At a glance, my work deals with one-liners, puns and cliché, but it delves deeper exploring concepts of public and private behavior and revealing in sharp relief human strengths and foibles and absurd moments of modern life. Commonplace elements connect us to these situations that I produce -we know these things, we know their use- yet they surprise us and catch us unaware. I approach my work by finding different ways in which environment affects human behavior. Fascinated by this ‘stage’ for social interaction, I began to seek out and expose socially awkward situations. Aspects of performance and interactivity led to my interest in provoking engagement and sometimes subverting the viewer. By placing the body within this context, I intentionally set up situations to provoke an interaction. Of course there are certain social and psychological consequences when revealing these sometimes-private experiences in public spaces. I often approach cataclysmic subjects like failure, defeat and death with a sense of humor. I want to create catch-your-breath moments of recognition, to use words as objects, references, images, meaning, play.

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