Suikang Zhao

I was born in China and educated there. Since 1986 I have lived in US. The experience of living in completed different social environments gives me a unique opportunity to see things differently. My artworks explore the relationships between different cultural phenomenon and deal with the issue of interwoven social reality in present time. By using overlapping texts and images I try to reconstruct the parallel (displacement) exposition of today’s cultural fabrication and social structure. I see the cultural differences as the structure of harmony and dissonance within a shared space. My art is about re-thinking visual elements in terms of displaced environment and mind in the context of today’s world. The different formations of social structures of today and the past are the central issues in my thought process, as well as in my art form and media. I try to create multi-dimensional, interwoven visual or visual/audio structures that reveal the cultural phenomena of paralleling and simultaneity.

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