Per-Inge Isheden


Painting has always been my passion, something I couldn’t live without. Since I first saw my mother pressing from the tubes those wonderful brilliant glancing colours and mixing them on her pallet. I literally wanted to eat paint!

From my teens I painted on all my free time. During my years in the art school also on Saturdays and Sundays. During my years as teacher on weekends and summer holidays. Then at last full time.

I started mixing the painting techniques I learned in the art school, brush and knife. Then added dripping, splashing and pouring paint on my canvases. I look for inspiration everywhere, in magazines, comic books, illustrations, old prints, odd road signs, in music, whatever. That mixture has turned into my personal expression.

I regularly show my artworks at galleries and art fairs in Stockholm and other places in Sweden, during the nineties also in Berlin, Germany.

After I started presenting myself on the internet I am fascinated with the response. A young generation seems to think my art represents something completely new.

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