Bengt Johansson

Bicycle in garden

Nature is my inspiration. I am an expressive painter, I am also a lyric and poet as well as a romantic and colorist; the worries, love like wind, rain, snow and sun are my source of inspiration when I paint. I paint as I feel and think. The world around me, natural motifes as the landscape, still life, and free compositions from every day , living in the present time, here and now, often I paint it over and over in my paintings. The light is swift here in northern land, it can be sun shine in the morning and snow after a short time. I called it moving light and it interests me. I have learned from the old painters Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Matisse, Delacroix, Bonnard, Turner, Constable, Hopper, Pollock and all fine Japanese artists and also my friends at the art school. I live in an old school where I have my studio. I study at Valand academy of fine art, MA.

I am represented at museums of art and communities in Sweden.

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