Marwa Arsanios

Image Courtesy of The Artist

My work takes a specific context as its starting point, always attempting to find an entry point into specific spaces/places/material in order to understand their different stories, histories and the layers that constitute them. The spaces/places I work with are usually “left overs”, traces and spatial products embodying once powerful ideologies or historical “golden ages”.
I revisit these fragments, the delirious visions and images they conceal, their sexuality, and eroticism.
My practice usually goes through different stages; historical and theoretical research, collecting material around the specific site or building, and attempting to appropriate the material by several means, such as drawing, animation, script writing and other. My working process also involves different collaborations with practitioners and theoricians.
My last two projects are based on the history, research and interpretation of 2 modern buildings (a hotel and a beach resort) located in Beirut. I revisit these pivotal and sometimes iconic spaces through parallel histories, negotiating the historical material with story telling and fictional approaches.

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