Aïcha Hamu

THE BIG SLEEP Picture impressions on Transcryl between two glass sheets 25 x (32 cm x 26 cm) Private collection Courtesy Galerie Catherine Issert, Saint Paul, France

‘The Big Sleep’ is a 25-piece series of portraits of actresses sleeping. Amongst them, Marilyn is the only one who seems to be at eternal rest. This work is produced using a particular technique that consists of ink prints encapsulated in a kind of skin made out of Transcryl. This process creates a hazy and translucent visual effect, somewhat reminiscent of ectoplasm.
As in another of the artists’ series titled ‘Hyphen’, it’s a matter of embodying an intermediary state of being asleep or in trance.
Aïcha Hamu’s work definitely has something to do with Pop Art, but is more like a bleached variant.

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