Koen De Decker


Image courtesy of Crown Gallery

Koen De Decker (°1975) lives and works in OUTER-Ninove, a Belgian smalltown near Brussels. As an artist he puts emphasis on a wide range of media, mainly drawings, sculptures, videos and installations. Without fail, his starting point is a fascination for shape and how it marks the clear line between the artwork itself and its surroundings. Koen De Deckers’ sculptures all have an outspoken geometrical perspective. First of all there’s the platonic, isometrical bodies clearly marking their volume while having a certain static, timeless air about them. Then, there’s the open, dynamic ribstructures, delicately shaped in their environment. The motional game of lines introduce a certain timeframe in his work and may cause the gaze of the spectator to dance. As continuous variations on an ungraspable theme, these sculptures carry a certain resemblance to graphical music scores or visual jazz improvisations.

Written by: Pieter Vermeulen, 2009

“Koen De Decker uses mathematical syntaxes in his sculptural installations to stimulate a stronger awareness of space and those left in-between. His works, mostly made with ordinary materials, function as enigmatic markers.” Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center Istanbul 2004″

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