Merve Hasman

"Spy on You" by Merve Hasman

As an artist, you are a hunter. You hunt in an elusive and rare game called art. As an artist, you are a fighter, because you never give up regardless of what you face. As an artist, you are the cherry on top that offers sweetness to this life. You don’t wait for the right moment, you simply jump into it… It doesn’t really matter where you are coming from, all that matters is where you are headed to, the rest unfolds… And then you have a chance to make a statement your own.

A great photographer friend once told me “All we do is beg, borrow and steal other people’s lives…
Just to add more colors onto our canvas; just to be able to see the picture bigger than it really is. As a result of this choice pursuing various alternate lives, an artist is often called mad.”… Do you think she tries to find her way into truth through the perception of the ‘other’?


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