Gerwin Eipper

… and whishing you'd dreamt me mixed media installation, 2009 Courtesy: Claus Friede*Contemporary Art, Hamburg VG Bild-Kunst


Gerwin Eipper works with photography, video and site-specific installations. The main focus is on the portrayal of people. One of the most characteristic features is loneliness, moments of being all-by-oneself, wrapped in thought and dreams, intimate situations in which time seems to pass slower. This can be read in the eyes and faces of the portrayed and is an expression of melancholy and longing, transitoriness and frailty and implies at the same time an appearance of being unapproachable. In his latest works the photographic and cinematic pieces are faced with installations in forms of three-dimensionally arranged compositions of materials and architecturally designed objects. Installations as gentle portraits, showing vital moments, as allegories, as a symbolization of the state of minds of the portrayed in the photographic works.

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