Gregory Michael Hernandez

"Rebuilt Homestead" 2010 134" x 134" x 134" salvaged wood, cement, hardware Image by Kelly Barrie, Courtesy of LAXART and Stuart and Judy Spence

Using photography as a cartographic tool for mapping perspective is
the dominant axis in my landscape-based works, which incorporate
painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, and site-specific
installation. Urban and desert infrastructure provide raw material,
and become stage and setting for action and image. Conceptual issues
explored include memory, history, place and space, land use and
borders, confinement, exile, issues of scale and monumentality. One
result is a conversation regarding essential natures of art,
including: art as leftover material, art as generative mechanism, art
as a series of compound representations, art as immortalizing the
ephemeral, and art as relic.

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