Dimitris Tataris

Dimitris Tataris, Untitled, 2010, pencil on paper, 100x80 cm Courtesy of CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery Copyright of the artist

Dimitris Tataris (b.1975) is a Greek artist primarily concerned with drawing and sculpture. His laborious and detailed process of drawing carries in itself a condition of hysteria, where the ink becomes a door to communicate addiction, dependence and obsession from the darkest corners of the mind into the paper surface. His drawings open up a window to an interior world composed by natural elements -wood, ropes, hair, animal hoofs- which nevertheless do not constitute a representation of the natural but a landscape of the irrational. Matter and the symbolic are diffused here. Self-portraits of the artist and forms of animals are usually the protagonists in these scenes and stand as the ultimate hope within an atmosphere of fear and threat of a world that parallel to the dissolution of the individual, collapses and is being decomposed.

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