Architecture Fantome, 2011 wax, wood 70X70X40cm ©ADAGP/Berdaguer&Péjus, photo PH.Groscaux

Berdaguer&Péjus call their exhibits “project” rather than “work”. These works are pregnant of something to come, not closed on themselves. There are seen as “protocols” to be experimented on “your own skin”. That implies an active participation from the spectator, who is expected to play an active role and not remain the passive consumer of products imposed by the cultural industry. This way, he comes out of an imposed part and stirs up the work, he becomes the co-agent, the coproductor of it. In other terms, Art is a relationship.This conception is not new, as the American Art critic Claire Bishop reminded us recently 5. In 1962, the Italian literary and art critic Umberto Eco published “The Open Work” which has since become a milestone in literature. Eco’s thesis is that the reader is as much the author of the work as its creator, that reading a book amounts to writing it anew. In short, there are in one book as many books as readers. This goes directly against the traditional authority of the written thing.

Born in France , Berdaguer&Péjus currently live and work in Paris.

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