Gilles Desplanques

Courtesy of the Artist, UN rescue, performance, 2009 ©Luce Moreau-Ottoprod

Gilles Desplanques sees sculpture as something that is closely linked to a certain experience of space. This is not only about volumes in space (the definition of sculptural activity), but also a reaction to a unique productive context. His work is partly defined by the relationship between a piece of art and the moment it was created. However, the place where this transformation takes place is not the site of an in situ performance. The artist often has other aims: to affront the world, experience it physically, to make it into artwork. In other words, to make practices reality. Producing objects or standardised living areas is one of the focuses of Gilles Desplanques’s work. For him, architectural forms that create standardised lifestyles are often linked to a certain kind of fatality. By extension, they show how people find it difficult to live outside cultural norms. Construction standards become a framework the artist uses to explore the foundations on which our society is built.

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