Frédérique Nalbandian

"Repos", 2011 Installation work in progress in situ, Chapelle Sainte- Barbe, Bruay-la-Buissière, Nord Pas de Calais soap, blowed glass and pvc pipes, cables, wood, plaster, cotton thread, charcoal powder, water dripping system, water credits photos : Marc Domage

Frédérique Nalbandian gives priority to supple and malleable materials which can be moulded, modified and with which she likes to entertain a direct and experimental relationship. She explores soap and plaster through installation work in progress, site specific work, sculptures and drawings.

The most striking aspect of her work is the process which sets on stage a tactile sense of matter which has been broken down, thereby enabling us to rediscover the vigor and memory of things. As the artist confirms, her art “is a game that lies somewhere between the disappearance of the model and its presentation”. A process which transforms the model into a highly specific work of art, as the artist only taps the superficial aspect of her subjects, disregarding their fundamental characteristics. We therefore find ourselves confronted by a duplication and a transcription of reality in a different configuration. This conversion and manipulation consists of the act of dissolving the original substance and making the original subject disappear. The specific nature of the matrix thus loses its attributes of solidity, resistance and rigidity. This transmutation is the expression of an on-going “metaphorical evocation” of life itself, in which indicators of time are called upon to serve as testimonials and memories accumulated over the years.

The loss of materiality is then recovered and re-proposed as an artistic process, whereby the act of moulding affords the possibility of transcribing reality into a new and different form of objectivity. It is “an idea expressed in matter” which, through its “physicalisation”, produces an anthropological emotionalism both intellectual and intense.

Written By Enrico Pedrini

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