Monali Meher


”Falling through Irkal Well”, Year 2010, Size: 170 cm x 133 cm

Since 1998 Meher’s art practice involves various disciplines. The most significant one is ‘Performance Art’. It became necessity to use body and emotions with immediate environmental, social and political aspects. Decay, hybridization & transformation: Creating new identity; reshaping belongings; intimacy; a dialogue of matter and memory all these constitute the language of her work. Drawings are autobiographical diagrams of her experiences. Although they reflect personal life, also indicate hidden universal truth. Initially the idea of the performance was rendered on the paper. Now the performance is transformed into another form; for example by choosing an image or a frozen moment from it and shaping a new visual: a drawing.

Meher manifested number of performances; at Tate modern, London, ‘Rebelle’, MMKA Museum Arnhem, ‘Museum- night’, Amsterdam and MAXXI Museum Rome.


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