Wilson Trouvé

Wilson Trouvé "Trembling Surface, 2012"

Wilson Trouvé subverts traditional notions of painting and sculpture, nullifies the third dimension where it exists and creates one where it’s missing. This process of destabilization through subversion of reference points and traditional categories also plays on ideas of contraction and dilation, impeded overflow, and excess. It also concerns desired moderation, although contradicted by immoderate gesture, discipline imposed on a universe of violence…Unless it’s the opposite:  order jeopardized by the world’s entropy. Inside and outside are no longer perceived in a contradictory manner, Wilson Trouvé alludes to the famous statement by Breton that defined surrealism: “It all leads one to believe that a certain place exists in the mind where life and death, real and imaginary, past and future, the expressible and inexpressible, high and low cease to be perceived contradictorily”.



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