Katy De Bock


Image Courtesy of Katy De Bock

Nature inspires the patterns of my works. I use the traditional techniques of Azië arts on pure silk for the sparkling colors. The textiles are transformed into artistic works with varying aspirations turning into lamps, jewellery, ‘Save The World’ globes, panels for interiors… The three terms Bandhani, Shibori and Plangi identify tie and dye resists in Indian, Japanese and Indonesian cultures. When a fabric is tied before it enters the dye bath, the ties will act in resistance and a distinctive pattern will result. Multiple colors may be obtained through careful planning of the process and by repeating the technique.When the fabric is allowed to dry with the ties in place a sculptural piece will result. It is the form of this fabric that gives as much joy and satisfaction as the colors.These fabrics have a natural elasticity and possess a compelling life of their own. In each case the preparation of the fabrics is an exacting process.Not only must the ties be made uniformly and with equal tightness but the location of the binding threads must be carefully placed to achieve the final pattern. I’ve also been working on the invention of an ‘Elan’ for the textile arts for many years..


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