Susan Hefuna

Susan Hefuna Confession, 2011 Ink on wood 96.9 x 112.6 inches

Egyptian-German artist Susan Hefuna creates drawings, sculptures, installations, and video performances which focus on cross-cultural codes and reflect her personal experiences of living within different cultures. Often questioning the real versus imagined realm, she creates layered ink drawings of architectural and organic structures transforming the dream state of mind into a tangible object.

One central subject of Hefuna’s work is the Mashrabiya, a window structure found in the architecture of Cairo that allows women to see the public world while still remaining invisible. Created out of bronze and wood, Hefuna’s Mashrabiyas act as metaphors for separation and connection; inscriptions such as “CONFESSION” or “WOMAN CAIRO” only become visible at a distance.

Artist represented by RHONA HOFFMAN GALLERY


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