Vigdis Elisabeth Feldt

Image Courtesy of Vigdis Elisabeth Feldt

Vigdis Elisabeth Feldt studied as an atelier-student at the Free Artists Acadamie in Stavanger. Kjell Phar Iversen the neo-impressionist, was among her wonderful teachers.
She started exhibiting her works at local restaurants, boutiques and galleries  in Stavanger in 90s. Her work was then also shown at The Liverpool Biennial 2008,  Florence Biennial in 2011, The Zonak Gallery and  Galleria Immagini, Spazio Arte and Gallery 360 in 2012 .  Her work can also be seen in Arte Effetto Magazine‘s September/ October Edition. The artist will be at the Biennial of Palermo in January 2013. She also has upcoming projects in Turkey and Italy.

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