Li Chen

Eternity , 2012, 600X900X388(H)cm Mixed Media (Wooden structure, Clay, Styrofoam, Sand)

Li Chen was born in 1963 in Taiwan, and currently works in Taichung and Shanghai.

His sculpture accomplished a style which has fully liberated itself from the confines of tradition by incorporating feelings of self-mindfulness and interpretations of Chinese classics from the Buddhist and Taoist traditions, blended with contemporary thought, evincing a remarkably refreshing and natural affect. Li Chen’s art work aspires to a spiritual arts therapy, uncovering a wealth of joy amidst the simple life’s pleasures, innovating a spiritual space through the pieces, as humor embellishes a metaphorical engagement with the world.

Li Chen gave a solo exhibition in the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007. In 2011, Li Chen’s Greatness of Spirit: Li Chen Premiere Sculpture Exhibition in Taiwan, marked Asia’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition. In 2013, he will launch a European exhibition tour that will start at La place Vendôme in Paris.

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