Rudolf Polanszky

Rudolf Polanszky, 'Hyperbolic Sculpture (Folding Series)', 2012, mixed media on steel base, 200 x 114 x 60 cm

Viennese artist Rudolf Polanszky emerges from a generation of post 1960s artists that includes Dieter Roth, Valie Export and Franz West. Polanszky’s sculptures and relief paintings contain the raw scraps of industrial materiality – iron, wood and plastic – often poised on visually delicate but robustly balanced metal ‘plinths’ which carry aloft vessel-like sections describing a circle or long horizons. Sometimes filled with smaller versions of themselves or else more visceral substances such as feathers, pigment, foam and fiberglass, they range in scale from the table-top to the monumental and coalesce mathematical histories within tropes of line, mass and space.

Bruce Haines, Ancient & Modern

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