Tintin Wulia

Nous ne notons pas les fleurs, Fort Ruigenhoek, Tintin Wulia 2011. Multiple-channel video installation of game-performance and installation with video, durations and dimensions variable, colour, stereo, loop. Game-performance/installation view. Courtesy of the artist and Kaap/Stichting Storm, Utrecht.

Tintin Wulia (born 1972, Denpasar) bases her work on several icons of the geo-political border: the passport, the wall, and the map. Believing that human is the perfect randomiser, she highlights the arbitrariness of geo-political borders by staging participatory performances – including simple games, auction and collective mural-making – onto her rendition of borders that takes form in interactive installations, often with video.

Wulia has been exhibiting internationally including in the Istanbul Biennial, Yokohama Triennale (both 2005), Jakarta Biennale (2006, 2009), Moscow Biennale (2011), Gwangju Biennale and Asia Pacific Triennial (both 2012). She is represented by Osage Gallery, Hong Kong.


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