Halis Karakurt

Hale,  Oil on Marbled, 33x48

Hale, Oil on Marbled, 33×48

When one peers into Halis Karakurt internal and private worlds what becomes immediately apparent is that two different visions coalesce as one in these visual works: an internal vision that one sees in visions and a type of representation that refers to the mimetic, that is, that refers to objects or their qualities that reside in the world of lived experience and reality. The near-impossibility of wrenching one system of sight from the other is at the core of this work’s mystery and beauty. With this realization in mind it becomes quite clear this very fine artist intends to engage his viewers with the suggestive potency of symbolic material which refers to the antithesis of spirit-matter and matter-form: contrarieties always seeking synthesis but never achieving it.


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