Image Courtesy of the Artist

Image Courtesy of the Artist

My art is predominantly the expression of my core being. From the depth of my essence emerge the memories of distant ancestors and also elements that belong to the collective consciousness.
I discovered my love for drawing in elementary school during class’ boring moments. Pursuing my dreams of creating art, I studied architecture at the “Ecole des Beaux Arts” in Paris. Although the practice of architecture was making me financially comfortable, in 1992 I embraced the unpredictable career of visual art, full time. I couldn’t resist the calling to actualize the images, symbols, hieroglyphs and alike that inhabit my imagination.

I create while in a trance-like state: ideas are either gushing out on my canvas or appearing from the mixed media (acrylic, glue, paper, sawdust, dry foliage, crystals…) that I lay on the support. In the trance mode I access timeless data ingrained in my memory cells. With my professional skills I organize the memories, stacking layer upon layer, so they may tell their stories. Although the naked eyes see the material surface, the unseen and subliminal narrative is often the most compelling.
Each piece that I bring into being in my studio/sanctuary – may it be painting, etching, sculpture, jewelry or installation module – emanates from the sacred source within me. Each item created is celebrated before being released to its keeper. My most gratifying moment comes when patrons call or visit me to give an account of the blessing, healing and empowering effects that the acquired piece has brought to their family.
Ultimately, through my art I hope to express that humanity has long evolved to finally arrive at the place that spiritually it has never left.

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