Barbara Buttinger-Förster

Without Title - egg distemper on cloth, 2010, 46x33cmHeads…bodies…simpler and simpler…from design to sign, from sign to symbol, from visible to invisible. It`s not the  individual , not the ego that interests me, but the state of the soul behind the surface. The soul of Woman and Man, the soul of Animal, the soul of Plant, the soul of Stone.

Earth, Gaia, our planet, is going to change…not only in its shape changed dramatically by us humans, but, as the wise ones of many traditions have predicted and as clear-sighted persons of our time perceive: from its own essence, from inside to outside. A new space is about to be born. Everybody conscious of it takes part as a co-creator. It`s the opportunity of letting our visions and ideas take form, bring them from inside to outside, and our time requires the maximum of authenticity from everybody who wants to be up to it.

Few and mainly natural pigments together with egg and linseed oil, mostly on rough, handmade paper…often small sizes,  spontaneous glimpses into a non-mental realm of feelings and states beyond psychology. My interest is one of creation; for all the families of beings sharing this wonderful planet, for birth and death, for transformation and transfiguration.

Art brut, children`s and tribal art inspired me for many years. Being a mother, doing therapeutic work with mentally handicapped people, having met intimately the spiritual ways of Native Americans of the plains…but also entering old European spiritual streams, dealing with mythology and history of religions…together with being Austrian, citizen of the country that gave birth to psychoanalysis…all these experiences might be traced to my art.

Most recently my ardent love for earth and land is finding form in land-art projects.


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