Alicia Imas

Dragon de Fuego, Courtesy of the Artist

Dragon de Fuego, Courtesy of the Artist

I believe that art has always been a part of my life; maybe that is why I started studying architecture. When I left my studies I started working for an airline company, but I still kept in touch with my artistic side by taking a few decoration workshops, amongst others. Eventually, I got my BA in psychology, but my curious soul needed something else. I asked myself: How and where can I feed my creative desires? The answer was to start wandering around several art workshops. It is where I began my journey.

These days, I have found a way to free my artistic expression at Heriberto Zorilla and Helena Distefano’s research workshops. I feel that their proposal meets up to my artistic professional and artistic standard. To me, it means to search the depths of your being. My paintings allow me to search and discover my true self.

I feel that painting, letting the brush take its journey, letting the colors surprise you are all acts of freedom. Freedom is maybe the most sought after aspect in my life and when I paint, I am undeniably free.

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