Marie Adamyan

Image Courtesy of the Artist

Image Courtesy of the Artist

Marie Adamyan is a contemporary artist who works in a variety of genres and techniques, from silk painting to oil on canvas. The stylistic versatility allows Marie to give her personal yet very diverse expression to each of her works. Her works on silk are distinguished by aerial feeling, while implemented in bright colorful palette; they are full of optimisim and warmth. Her graphic works, on the contrary, are quite reticent, often monochrome. The oil paintings, mostly still-lifes, are depicting the simple beauty of nature in bright and bold colors.

Marie lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia. An architect by education, her journey has taken her to art. Nevertheless, she is influenced by her profession and can be seen through her art; in the clarity of structure, bold lines, correct perspectives and compositions of curves, as well as the particular charm of her architectural landscapes.

Since 2003, Marie has taken part in 40 group exhibitions in Armenia and Artsakh as well as in the UK, Portugal, the US, France, Germany, Italy, and currently in the International Graphic Biennale in Romania, where Marie is the first to represent Armenia. Marie has also had 5 solo exhibitions in Yerevan, Armenia.

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