Noa Gur

Image Courtesy of Noa Gur

Image Courtesy of Noa Gur

Noa Gur´s work intertwine two series of questions: one thread questioning contemporary modes of artistic production, the other thread questioning inequality based on class or ethnicity. She uses and transform the genre of self-portrait to point towards contemporary aporias of the artist as an economic unit asked to simultaneously show and hide her labor, her body, her face.

Within her practice, Gur poses questions regarding who or what is exploiting artists today? How can we evaluate artists’ subjectivity when artistic production as a mode of autonomous, self-regulated labor has become the model for cognitive and immaterial labor as we know it? What is the logic of self-exploitation itself? What does it do with the subject that performs it? And what is the place of material labor within this hall of mirrors? Noa Gur tries to get all that back into the picture.

“Black face- White cube, White face- Black cube”, Text by Karin Harrassar.

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