Maria Isabel Brandis

In der Schewebe, Courtesy of the artist.

In der Schewebe, Courtesy of the artist.

In my early days of childhood I was constantly aware of my growing passion for creativity. My mind was bursting with ideas and I visualized the results as they took on format. I felt the urge to capture the many breathtaking moments of beauty of life on canvas.

During the autodidactic beginnings of my youth I was fortunate enough to have Alexandre Ignatkov from Russia and Lilo Müller from Germany as mentors. They influenced my style expressing the basic foundations of art and were of great inspiration to me  for their perfection. I often work with strong vivid colours depending greatly on my mood or situation. I observe my surroundings  closely after which I then bring to life in a bold or bashful setting. As on the haze over the Baltic sea where I live or in the warm and mild climate  of my home in Spain.
Since 2007 I work as a freelance arts activist with numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.


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