Franziska Schmalzl

Image Courtesy of Franziska Schmazl

Image Courtesy of Franziska Schmazl

Franziska Schmalzl´s works communicate the joy of existence spontaneously and show a refreshing playfulness. The heroes depicted are colourful plants as well as insects and birds, which are frequently given their own voices. Again and again, objects of daily life come alive. Here the artist´s sense of humour becomes obvious: by including texts and inventing  playful titles she creates stories in the viewer´s mind. Moreover, she entices the observer into entering a colourful magical world. Despite of all the lightness in her pictures there is always a notion of deep respect even for the least of creatures (to her, insects are also only just “human”). Conscious living and respectful treatment of our natural resources have always been an important issue for her.

Franziska Schmalzl, born in 1970 in Burgenland, Austria, has studied philosophy, psychology and art therapy in Vienna and has worked in advertising as a creative writer for many years. Today, she lives in Burgenland and Vienna as a freelance artist. She is represented by 7 galleries in Switzerland and Austria and her works are being exhibited in Europe and now for the first time also in the USA.


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