Sophie Ouellet

Ailleurs dans le Jour, Acrylic on canvas, 30’' X 30’'

Ailleurs dans le Jour, 2014.Acrylic on canvas, 30’’ X 30’’

Born in the Thetford-Mines area in 1978, Sophie Ouellet has always been interested in visual arts and creativity. She got her multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree from the Université Laval in 2005 in order to run creative workshops. The power of creation in one’s personal journey, as an introspection and expression tool, as a way to express one’s life experiences and to transform one’s wounds, and as an empowerment tool is what this artist’s calling is all about.

Sophie Ouellet’s medium of choice is acrylic paint, but she will never hesitate to use other media in her paintings to depict her inner thoughts. Her approach is a very intuitive one, in touch with her inner feelings. She lets material come to life under her hands. Shapes appear through a touch of randomness, as feelings come and go.

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