Carol Milne


Gin Fizz, kiln cast lead crystal, 7"H x 17" x 7", photo by Carol Milne

Gin Fizz, kiln cast lead crystal, 7″H x 17″ x 7″, photo by Carol Milne


Women are defined by their accessories.  And what does it say about us that our most “fashionable” shoes are torture devices? I began making shoes out of frustration with the fashion industry.  But one shoe lead to another.  I became acutely aware of the prominent status of shoes in our culture.   They permeate our fairy tales and myths.  They are icons of sexuality, power, wealth, dependence & salvation.  They’re great fodder for social commentary.

Carol Milne is a sculptor working primarily in cast glass. She lives in Seattle, WA.  See more of her work at


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