Ho Yoon Shin

Image Courtesy of Ho Yoon Shin

Image Courtesy of Ho Yoon Shin

Paper, to me, is the optimal material to explain the social structure. First,  I firmly believe that the paper which has properties called historicity, a feature that records pass through the role of knowledge on it for future generations had brought the development of the human race. In addition, both sides of the paper castle showing the structure of society dichotomy is also a very good medium. This paper serves as the current range of next-generation communication media is giving to. It is the flow of time. Generation has shown that changes are highly visible. common can be viewed in the paper and modern society as diverse approaches make me keep on the paper as the medium. I should grave on the paper – having  properties like this - This schedule to show the community is an act of self-inflicted act. Society is to progress through this act of self-inflicted. Do we look like that is more plausible, it is the injured section of society.


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