Kae Seak

Blooming sumi ink and watercolor on paper 2014 70 x 80 cm

Born in Nagano, Japan, grew up in a family that loved art. One of her biggest artistic influences was sumi ink painting taught by her grandfather in her infant stage.
Ever since she has begun to paint in the end of 2011, she has continued to pursue abstract expression of introspective thoughts and visions, has defined her basis and source of every creative activity as exhaust of introspective perspectives.
At the same time, her art has earned attention from music industry. Her deep love of music has developed herself into making cover art for some record labels in UK, South Africa, Italy, Germany,and more.
Also, she has collaborated with photographers inside and outside of Japan, to explore maximum possibilities and opportunities in her creativity.
Recognized as a supernova, her art has been appeared in her solo and group shows in her hometown Nagano and major cities in Japan, Paris, and NY.


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