Shinji Ohmaki

Echoes-Crystallization, 2013. Courtesy of Art Front Gallery

Echoes-Crystallization, 2013. Courtesy of Art Front Gallery

Shinji Ohmaki is working with various media, from paintings to large scale installations, sometimes incorporating the whole room and environment as an initial part of the work.  But even in his small scale works, the work itself stands out from any beings as a true art object.  In his elegant “Echoes – Crystallization” series, he depicts endangered flowers (which may be disappearing from our universe) using correction fluid which we have invented to erase our misdescriptions.  With the effect of light, crystal powder combined in the fluid shines to make the fleeting flowers explicit in our eyes.

Not merely an object which may be interesting or beautiful, his work is a device to give viewers a sense of the meaning of existence and disappearance.  The work shows broad and dense layered meanings, and they come out as an object in front of us.  It is a rare case to find an art object like the works by Ohmaki having artistically intensive meaning without losing its visual refinement or even giving viewers a striking impression by only experiencing the work without any intricate interpretations based in the knowledge of art history.

Seeking a possibility of his expressions, works by Ohmaki takes various forms.  Sometimes it would be a slowly moving fabric fluttering in darkness.  Sometimes it would be a floor totally covered by bright colorful flowers.  What is common to all the works are their quietness and serenity of their own and delicate relationship with their surrounding environment, air, light and viewer’s movement.  Number of the artist’s involvements in international art exhibitions reminded us of the air around the work, carefully taking in shadow and light as a part of itself.  His art lead our meditation on eternity and each of our experience in our own time.


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