Erik Tollas

Image Courtesy of Erik Tollas

Image Courtesy of Erik Tollas

“My pictures have been mostly of figurative nature in the past years, placing the main characters in a surreal world, hence depriving them of their original meaning, with the issues of extinction and encouragement coming to the front.

Over the past year, however, my work has become more meditative in character. In the core of my interest stands the skin, and its diverse structures, cellular built, stratified textures, once shown in plane sections, or else set out of the space or recessed in it. The central theme -the skin and skin injuries in particular- incorporates various painting issues that can be both direct and indirect, such as vitiligo, albino skin, tattoos, abrasion, moult, scale, burns, stitches, scars, all of
which are presented in an abstract form. Furthermore, I am concerned with the aesthetic issues of bruise, crushing and skin injuries, as well.”

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