Kevin McCabe

Quiet Earth, Giclee Print, 1/5. 12"X16"

Quiet Earth, Giclee Print, 1/5. 12″X16″

I was born in England and came to Australia with my parents at the age of 4. I attended Curtin University, studying creative writing and journalism. I spent a lot of time traveling after university, working mainly in administrative jobs in-between trips. I spent most of my time away in Britain, getting to know my birthplace, with the odd trip into Europe, the Soviet Union and China. I was always inspired by the visual arts but was a late starter, beginning to draw in my twenties and exhibiting for the first time at 32. I spent many years evolving and developing my work, which often has an emotional edge. I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Perth. I am currently working full time on my art and studying Mandarin. I live in Yokine WA with my wife and son.

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