Jole Caleffi


NUOVI CIELI NUOVA TERRA, Oil on Canvas. Courtesy of Jole Caleffi

NUOVI CIELI NUOVA TERRA, Oil on Canvas. Courtesy of Jole Caleffi

Jole Caleffi lives and works in Modena. She graduated from the Art Institute “A.Venturi” in Modena, then she went on to special courses in decorative painting. Later she graduated in Art at the Faculty of humanities of the DAMS in Bologna. She entered A.M.A. and she has had to her credit an artistic journey of significant scale since the nineteen sixties.

Between art and the artistic profession her life has been full of events that have helped to build a well deserved history.

From the onset her figurative paintings gradually ascending to the non-figurative, her works have always impressed the public thanks to the intense use of colour and light, and the distinctive means of her artistic expression are unique and unrepeatable.

But the originality of the artist stems not only from the pictorial production, but also from working with light. in exclusive performances of which are mentioned in her resume.

In 2014, after a series of artistic appointments illustrated by Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, she was invited by Prof. Giulia Sillato from the historical school of Longhi, to enter the cultural platform of Metaformismo, as an innovative and revolutionary key to the interpretation of this movement, to improve comprehension of the non- figurative languages.

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