Rafael Díaz-Jargüin Hierro

Image Courtesy of teh artist Rafael Díaz-Jargüin Hierro

Image Courtesy of the artist Rafael Díaz-Jargüin Hierro

Borned and raised in  Sevilla, Spain. My attraction for visual arts started when I was a child. Everything was subject of my creativity. I graduated in Fine Arts, majored in Sculpturing, at University of Barcelona – the first four years, I studied at the University of Seville. When I backed to my home town, I started my PHD course majoring in Artistic Research. Researching in implementing new aproaches to Visual Arts Teaching. In order to have a deeper knowledge in teaching I decided to obtain a Master´s Degree  in teaching Drawing, Image and Visual Art Education by the University of Seville.  I am currently working on my final Thesis.

“Having no way as way, and no limitation as limitation”. Bruce Lee

Words which could describe my artwork are; honest, genuine, intimate, simple, deep…. I do what I feel I have to do. That is one of reasons why my artwork can be so interdisciplinary. I mainly work with many kinds of media, such as, drawing, sculpture and photography. I have a strong background in drawing: graphite, charcoal, pastels, Chinese ink; Sculpture; modeling, assembly, wood/stone-carving, etc; Painting; oil, acrylic, egg tempera, aquarelle; Photography: analogue/digital; Sculptural Installations and Mixtures.

People usually ask me, “Hey, what´s your style?” or “Are you a painter or sculptor?” Then, I answer them, “I have no style. I just honestly express myself”. I don´t want to be Picasso, I am just me.  I am just being myself .With an urge to express myself, I tend to express my inside world, feelings, thoughts etc. When I create, I usually do it in simple movements, gestures, strokes, but with a hard content, expressing strongly. “Doing without doing”.

I am currently developing sculptures which has the same connected thread, expressing a hard concept, “Keep Fighting”, ” No Retreat no Surrender”, “Keep Going”, “Rising”… On one hand I express myself as honestly I can. On the other hand, I want to inspire people to “switch on” their will to act. I am also  focused in art teaching. I developed two researches where I mainly implement Asian philosophies, such as Taoism or Jeet Kune Do.


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