Maria Teresa Guala

Marina, Acrylic on canvas  inch 32x39.  2015

Marina, Acrylic on canvas inch 32×39. 2015

Maria Teresa Guala was born in Turin 1947, is coming from a family of painters and sculptors of “Monferrato”  her father painter and designer was the curator of “ TORINO ESPOSIZIONI”.  In the past years ’60  studied at Accademia Belle Arti of Turin (drawing nudes) and at the studio of Filippo Scroppo. Owing to her work of translator with important industries, neglected her activity of artist  for same period, at the same time continued her participation to important exhibitions : Gallery Micrò  Turin, Promotrice Belle Arti of Turin, Fiat cultural group etc. obtaining important recognition for the artist activity. Other exhibitions abroad, London, Bruxelles, Hamburg, N.Y., Insbruck, in Italy Venezia  Palermo Padova, Piacenza, Lucca,  etc.


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