Waldraut Hool – Wolf

12 Punk 35x33cm 2,5kg 2013 by wwdesign

12 Punk 35x33cm 2,5kg 2013 by wwdesign

I live and work in Zurich Switzerland. In my art work, movement, strength, energy and courage reflect the colour. It is the joy of shapes and colour. The joy of thinking empathy in colours and shapes. And then it grows but something that is not supposed to do with words, a sense of how colours and shapes act. (Art Pictures Nature, Abstract, Sculptures). Art is the addiction of my life.


2015    Modern Art Civic Museum Monreale Italy

2015    AAF – the Affordable Arte Fair International Milano Italy

2015    2nd Biennale International Palermo Italy

2015    Airport- Zurich. Switzerland

2014    The Jambo Street & Pop Art Bologna Italy

2014    AAF – the Affordable Art Fair International Milano Italy

2014    Arte Genova Fair International Italy

The artist’s work is permanently displayed at Zurich Airport.


2015    Artist for Unicef Effetto Arte, Italy

2015    Art International, Germany

2014    Effetto Arte,  Italy

2014    Artisti a NEW YORK, USA

2014    ARTE Genova, Italy

2013    Art- Book Segnalati, Italy

2013    Art- Book International Contemporary Artists, USA

2012    futuro No.25, Switzerland



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