Sara Pathirane

"Men and Electricity" Courtesy of the Artist

“Men and Electricity” Courtesy of the Artist

Sara Pathirane paintings are both political and poetical, aesthetic and raw at the same time. Her main ambition is to create paintings that take the eye for a ride, makes it move around the canvas in whimsical ways. The careful yet intense use of  colors and strong materiality gives the paintings a strong presence. The language of Pathirane’s painting stays in between cultures. Her subjects look funny, but bare in them themes such as fertility, war, gravity. existentialism and echoes from the archaic picture making. ‘‘The world continues out of the canvas, but when painting, the whole world is there. It is a holy state.”

Sara Pathirane is born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1985 and lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She has MFA in painting from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Her works have been exhibited widely in Europe. She is an alumni from the Art Student League’s residency at Vytlacil, New York.


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