Michele Macchia

Image courtesy of the artist

Image courtesy of the artist

Constantly changing color and the hidden design, which is the framework -the skeleton and backbone that support the operatic storytelling-  are the primary elements of my works.  The use of bright colors, words and images stolen from the hectic and overwhelming world of advertising are intended to give shape to what exists only in the mind and is the result of visions in a world of dreams that adapt to the world where rampant consumerism and advertising rule. Immediately actionable images result in complex pathways that catch the viewer’s eye and transport him into a fantastic dimension.

Metaphysical images that plunge into a surrealistic world of color and morphological impact that combine cubist elements mixed in rhythms, fluid forms and stylization of the ancestral calls for an intellectual and spiritual vision of a world noted with deep critical sense, sarcasm and wry detachment.

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