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Eric Bourret


Eric Bourret was born in Paris in 1964. The work of this “artist walker” has been influenced by English land artists and landscape photographers. Since the start of the 1990s, he has been traveling the world on foot, over every kind … Continue reading

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Lili Nalovi and Jesco Willert


The artwork and installations of the German artist-couple Lili Nalŏvi and Jesko Willert is closely related to their months of travel through time and space, journeys that have deeply influenced their very existence. By creating their Moods Environments Paintings, Nalŏvi … Continue reading

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Lisa Wright (Coates & Scarry Gallery)


Lisa Wright’s paintings interweave motifs and ideas from historical paintings with contemporary concerns. Her figures hover on the brink of adulthood, in the curiously heightened suspended state of adolescence. Wright studied at The Royal Academy Schools, London. She has exhibited … Continue reading

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Penny Byrne (Coates & Scarry Gallery)


Australian artist Penny Byrne’s sculptural works are politically charged, highly engaging and often disarmingly humorous. She uses materials such as bronze, glass, vintage porcelain figurines and found objects to create artworks that present an ongoing inquiry into popular culture and … Continue reading

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Eric Wert

Eric Wert, Two Perch, 12 x 16, oil on panel

I sometimes think of my work as passive-aggressive still lives: intended to be both sweet and destructive at the same time. They have the components of a traditional still life but the subjects are often smashed or upended. This can … Continue reading

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Dragomir Misina

F - 117

My paintings are an exploration of colour, texture, mark making and the process of painting itself. Concerned with the delicate balance of chaos and order, they combine deliberation and chance, functioning as a diagram of layers, marks and colours creating … Continue reading

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Michele Macchia

- Neo-mondo - acrilico su pubblicità su cartone - cm 70 x 100 - 2009

Constantly changing color and the hidden design, which is the framework -the skeleton and backbone that support the operatic storytelling-  are the primary elements of my works.  The use of bright colors, words and images stolen from the hectic and … Continue reading

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Louise Christensen

My soul belongs to God - my body belongs to me (2)

  Self-taught artist, Denmark. The inspiration for my work comes from nature, reflections on life and dreams. I work mostly intuitively and the theme that concerns me the most, and is like a golden thread through my personal life, is … Continue reading

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Sayre Gomez


Conceptual artist Sayre Gomez’s body of work includes paintings, sculptures, installations, and artist’s books. His cerebral projects often employ found images and text as a means to comment on the ambiguous nature of communication and personal exchange. His works are … Continue reading

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Sara Pathirane


Sara Pathirane paintings are both political and poetical, aesthetic and raw at the same time. Her main ambition is to create paintings that take the eye for a ride, makes it move around the canvas in whimsical ways. The careful … Continue reading

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Kai-Hsing Huang – 黃楷馨


I see my artwork as a distillation of my senses and thoughts. The intangible and tangible aspects of my life and the way in which I live are central to my process. Whether it be fragments of reality or fantasy… … Continue reading

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Sofia Rainio-Eskelinen


  The works of art of Sofia Rainio-Eskelinen express feelings and describe a world of memories,  conveying only positive emotions. The artist believes that her work promotes positivity, therefore helping the world to become a better place. Sofia has found … Continue reading

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