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Lili Nalovi and Jesco Willert


The artwork and installations of the German artist-couple Lili Nalŏvi and Jesko Willert is closely related to their months of travel through time and space, journeys that have deeply influenced their very existence. By creating their Moods Environments Paintings, Nalŏvi … Continue reading

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Andrea Nacciarriti


Consciousness and acceptance are terms of a space where stays a certain vision of a ‘mistaken’ poetic, of the collective and individual failure, silent stratification of an aesthetic of the devastation of information and a consequent ethic responsibility. Inside the … Continue reading

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Frédérique Nalbandian

Repos detail

Frédérique Nalbandian gives priority to supple and malleable materials which can be moulded, modified and with which she likes to entertain a direct and experimental relationship. She explores soap and plaster through installation work in progress, site specific work, sculptures … Continue reading

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Laura Nova


At a glance, my work deals with one-liners, puns and cliché, but it delves deeper exploring concepts of public and private behavior and revealing in sharp relief human strengths and foibles and absurd moments of modern life. Commonplace elements connect … Continue reading

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