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Kritika Bala


I have always loved the big cats and nature. I love being outdoors in the company of the sun and wind and trees, I find that Mother Nature really moves me. It was an obvious choice to use my artistic … Continue reading

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Paola Pineda Córdova

El Asombro

I studied architecture because of its great relation with space, symmetry and the idea of uniqueness within a universal corpse. The same that happens with a a human face. When i discovered this similarity and its magical possibilities, I  studied … Continue reading

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Barbara Czapka


Africa is the origin of mankind. In my paintings I make use of Africa and its symbolic in order to draw attention to human development. Change is caused and influenced by patterns – from inside and out. Which patterns do … Continue reading

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Marc Abele


Marc Abele’s illustrations are non-verbal symbols written with pencil or brush. The example here shows the word “Between”. The interesting thing about “Between” is the word’s relation to space and time, to material matters or also to human sensitivities. As … Continue reading

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Gilbert Salinas


My central theme is based on investigating the variety of ways to address the organic forms of nature and its constant evolution through art. I am also interested in the aging surfaces of the planet and in the traces that … Continue reading

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Waldraut Hool – Wolf

12 Punk 35x33cm 2,5kg 2013 by wwdesign IMG_3219 (3)

I live and work in Zurich Switzerland. In my art work, movement, strength, energy and courage reflect the colour. It is the joy of shapes and colour. The joy of thinking empathy in colours and shapes. And then it grows … Continue reading

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Alfonso Mangone


Fernando Alfonso Mangone was born in 1958 in Altavilla Silentina, in Italy, where he spent his childhood in the care of his paternal grandmother and the small village community in which life beats in the rhythms and activities of a … Continue reading

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Maria Teresa Guala

Marina - Acrilyc on canvas  inch 32x39 - 2015

Maria Teresa Guala was born in Turin 1947, is coming from a family of painters and sculptors of “Monferrato”  her father painter and designer was the curator of “ TORINO ESPOSIZIONI”.  In the past years ’60  studied at Accademia Belle … Continue reading

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Ricardo Mbarkho


Ricardo Mbarkho’s work stems from the vibrant scene of today’s global digital art practices. Mbarkho manipulates different layers of significations by investigating multiple questions related to language, communication, creative industries, history of art as well as the visual representation within … Continue reading

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Stefan Filarski


After a career in advertising Stefan Filarski (1967) decided to focus on his art. One of the projects of this Dutch artists is the “Crushed Can Series”, made in a pop art like style with bright colors and clear shapes. … Continue reading

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Rafael Díaz-Jargüin Hierro


Borned and raised in  Sevilla, Spain. My attraction for visual arts started when I was a child. Everything was subject of my creativity. I graduated in Fine Arts, majored in Sculpturing, at University of Barcelona – the first four years, … Continue reading

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Jole Caleffi


  Jole Caleffi lives and works in Modena. She graduated from the Art Institute “A.Venturi” in Modena, then she went on to special courses in decorative painting. Later she graduated in Art at the Faculty of humanities of the DAMS … Continue reading

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